What Effect Will Asthma Have on Your Child?

When a diagnosis of asthma hits a family, it can seem scary and troubling at first. However, the majority of children with this condition are able to have normal lives. In fact, some even grow out of the condition. 


We’ve outlined some of the ways life may change for you and your child If they have developed asthma. 

1. Spring Clean More Frequently

One of the first ways your life will change is that you’ll need to be more cautious and careful about introducing irritants to your child. 


Asthma mainly affects breathing. Irritants cause the airways to become inflamed and produce more mucus. As a result, airflow to lungs is restricted and those afflicted have trouble breathing. 


Dust, pet hair, mold and smoke are all substances that can cause an asthma attack. In order to best protect your child, be sure to frequently clean your home and rid the area of these irritants. 


2. Always Carry an Inhaler

Something you and your child will need to get used to is always having an inhaler prepped and ready to go. You never know when an attack will happen and you don’t want your child to be without an inhaler when it does. 


It’s especially important for your child to carry their inhaler if they are involved in sports. If your child is very active, talk with your pediatricians. They can help you find an option that works both with your child’s lifestyle and the condition. 


It’s a good idea to stay up to date with your child’s prescriptions and refills. We recommend always having an extra inhaler nearby. 


3. Learn Calming Techniques

When an attack happens, it can be alarming. When your child notices the shortage of air, they will begin to panic. This will raise their heart rate and actually make the condition worse. 



The best thing you can do is give them their inhaler. However, if you don’t have it, the next thing is to calm them down as quickly as possible. Teach your children how to take long, deep breaths. 


Another helpful tip is to position the child so that they can sit upright. This will keep the airway as clear as possible. By using calming techniques, you can help them breathe easier until help can be reached. Always seek emergency medical help if your child has an attack without their inhaler.


Solving Asthma Together


Most of the time, you won’t even notice that your child has this condition. It’s incredibly common, with more than 3 million cases in the United States. If you are careful and follow your doctor’s precautions, your child will live a normal, active lifestyle. 


If you think your child has asthma, schedule an appointment with our office. We’ll be able to diagnose it and give you extra tips for handling it.