Pediatrician Office Serving Bluffdale, Utah


At South Summit Pediatrics, we’re dedicated to providing Bluffdale families with convenient access to high-quality pediatric care. From periodic checkups to treatment for childhood illnesses, we are your top resource for care and support during your children’s formative years.

You want your kids to be happy and healthy at every stage of life — we want that too. It’s the driving motivation behind why we come to work every day. We’re professionals, but we are parents too, so we know how deeply you love your mini-me.

We take responsibility for your children’s health and care for them as if they were our own, and that’s why South Summit Pediatrics is the top choice of Bluffdale families. 

Choosing the Right Pediatrician Is a Serious Decision  

Finding the right pediatrician for your child is a lot of work. Whether you’re a first-time parent searching for infant care or your family is new to Bluffdale and looking for a new health care provider, you must consider your choices carefully.

If you’re like most parents, you want your pediatrician to offer a clean, comfortable facility. And you want friendly faces greeting you as you walk through the doors. But most of all, you want a team of health care professionals who are board-certified, experienced and compassionate.

You want a staff that will offer straightforward, clear answers to all your questions, but you also want them to trust your parental instincts and let you make the final decision on what’s best for your child. That’s what you will find at South Summit Pediatrics.

South Summit Pediatrics’ Comprehensive Care Is Just What Your Family Needs 

From your children’s birth through their adolescence, our team is there for you and your growing family. South Summit Pediatrics will meet your newborn in the hospital and continue to provide regular care whenever necessary every day afterward.

Our philosophy is simple: Preventive care helps your child relax and enjoy being a kid. The less disease and illness they face in their lives, the better. We work closely with parents to address our patients’ needs.

And when germs get the best of your child, call our office the same day. We’re always available for sick appointments, so your child gets the care they need as fast as possible.

Are you considering our team because of our convenient location near your Bluffdale home? We offer prenatal consultations so you can meet us and ask as many questions about our practice as you’d like. 

We Are Here for You

Call our office at any time of day or night — our team is always standing by ready to help. South Summit Family Pediatrics is here for you. Call to make your first appointment and depend on a local family pediatrician that conveniently services Bluffdale patients.