Pediatrician Serving Lehi, Utah


Your children’s pediatrician plays a large part in their health and well-being. Not only do they help facilitate timely and informed care, but they also decrease the frequency of emergency room visits.

However, not all pediatricians are created equal. Learn why South Summit Pediatrics is the best place to get pediatric care in Lehi, Utah.

Complete Communication From Your Pediatrician

First, we strive to create an environment where both you and your children feel comfortable. One way we achieve this is by having an open setting where you can get answers to your questions at any time.

In fact, we provide 24-hour phone coverage to all our patients. We know that health scares frequently occur outside office hours.

With South Summit Pediatrics, you don’t have to wait, worry or risk an expensive emergency room bill. Instead just call our number. We have a trained nurse and an on-call physician available at all hours.

Want to see us in person? We also keep our facility open until 7 p.m. and offer same-day sick appointments.

Covered Care through All Stages of Life

Another advantage of our team is that they’re trained to provide health care to children from the womb up until adulthood. We’ve learned that children who stay with the same doctor over the years not only feel more comfortable with the practice, but also build a stronger, more trusting relationship.

This is especially valuable during the teenage years, when many issues of emotional and mental health begin showing up.

It also means that you won’t have to switch health care providers for each of your children in different stages of growth.

All the Pediatric Services You Need near Lehi, Utah

From pesky flu viruses to impromptu broken bones, we’ve got you covered. Our talented team is ready at any moment to handle illness or injury. In fact, just head over to our services page and learn more about what treatments are readily available.

Not sure what services your child needs? You can also call our office and talk with one of our talented team members. They’ll listen to your concerns and help you find the best solutions.

Meet Your Next Pediatrician

Here at South Summit Pediatrics, we not only care about the health of your family, we care about their happiness as well. Our talented physicians work with you to create the ideal environment.

We know that when your child is sick, the world stops. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to provide speedy and diligent care to all of our patients.

Put us to the test and see how our pediatric services can start making a difference in your child’s life. Call us today to schedule your first visit.