5 Reasons a Yearly Wellness Visit Is Necessary for Your Child

A yearly wellness visit can get pushed off to the side when your kids are always busy with school and activities like ballet, soccer and music lessons. However, these visits are crucial to help monitor your child’s development. 


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Our doctors recommend annual checkups begin at age 2. Why is a yearly wellness visit important?


Detects Illnesses and Developmental Issues

Most parents can tell when something is wrong with their child. However, without proper diagnosis, some problems can be left untreated for years. 


Yearly wellness visits help prevent this. Your pediatrician has studied for years to learn the most minuscule details of child developmental stages. 


Yearly checkups allow them to verify that your child is growing and developing properly. It’s also a great time for you to mention any concerns you might have. Doctors are much more prepared to solve problems if they have a standard of seeing and tracking the child through the years. 


Keeps Immunizations Up to Date

Another crucial point of these visits is to make sure that all of your child’s immunizations stay up to date. Some shots, like the tetanus vaccine, expire over the years. 


At these visits, your pediatrician can perform simple procedures to prevent unnecessary problems from occurring in the future. 


Helps Promote Healthy Mental Condition

Not only do these visits help your children physically, but they can also help strengthen them mentally and emotionally. Preteens and teenagers are the demographic that battles mental health most frequently. 


If your child begins to struggle with academics or maintaining relationships, your pediatrician can help find solutions that work for both of you. But it’s easier if your pediatrician already has a relationship with the child.


This will help the child be more trusting and open, which in turn will benefit their mental health. 


Helps Educate Both the Child and the Parents

At different stages of development, your child will be at risk for new diseases and problems. These annual visits are a great time to learn about what to watch out for in the upcoming year.


Prepares for the Future

Lastly, yearly wellness visits teach your children the importance of caring for their health. Children love to mimic their parents, especially in the younger years. If they see you put importance on health and maintenance, they’ll be more likely to do the same. 


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